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The world's leading low-cost webagency !

rue Buchholtz

Phone: +32 2 646 02 59
Fax: +32 2 611 77 71
Event Website Providers

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Nowadays, flying has never been so easy! Affordable prices, simplicity booking and keeping the core needs in mind - get to a point to an other in fast and in safe conditions. So flying around the world is as simple as taking a cab. And what about your website?

In 7 working days* webdeparture deliver you a professionnal looking website at the lowest price of the market with an unparallel customer service.

Those values: price, simplicity, speed and quality website services lead us today to the first step of the low-cost webdesign industry.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight!!!



Webdeparture is the world's leading low-cost webagency. Since its first site in january 2003, the webagency has grown from a small structure launched in Belgium, to one that supply affordable and quality websites troughout the world. The phenomenal growth of webdeparture was boosted by its simple concept: offering quality, speed and low-cost websites to their customers making the company world's Number 1 low-cost webagency.

Webdeparture was founded by Nils VAN BRABANT who also launched Eventonic.be - The Belgian Below-the-Line Communication Portal. Webdeparture is based at Brussels and is working with a quality network webagencies troughout the world. From now 4 countries spread the "webflypack" with the success we know.

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