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How to order Eventonic services?

You can easily order Eventonic services, by letter, fax or e-mail.

This order will be the object of an order confirmation, sent by one of these communications, which will remind the application of the general terms and the other conditions of the order.

The contract will be concluded at the moment of the sending of the order confirmation. The service will be executed after the payment of the due amount, which will be mentioned on the order confirmation
Prices VAT are not included.
Reach our ever-growing online audience, build brand awareness and expand your horizons by advertising with Eventonic.be

Launched in august 2002, Eventonic.be targets the entire Belgian below-the-line communication industry ensuring that your message is read by an impressive group of:

  • Professionals (organizers, suppliers, associations…) who are surrounding the industry
  • Companies (advertisers…) who want to change the way they communicate

Eventonic.be gives you the opportunity to expand your horizon with these services:

Empower your free listing presence by:

Detailing your company services and products

Being listed on additional categories your are in business with

Categories listing
Supplementary category
50 € - year

Detailing your event description

Event description
Add to 10 pictures illustrating your event
100 €


Eventonic.be offers you banner placement at rates you can afford:

Top banners (on the top of each page visible on the entire site)
Top banner - 234 x 60
200 € - 15 days
Side banners (visible on ¾ of the site)
Small side banner - 120 x 120
75 € - 15 days
Medium side banner - 120 x 140
100 € - 15 days
Side Skyscrapers - 120 x 600
Maximize your visibility with a very large banner
200 € - 15 days

Banner Creation - If you need a banner created for use on our site, we can fix you up with a banner development package offering a range of pricing.

Banner creation
Top banner - 234 x 60
50 €
Small side banner - 120 x 120
50 €
Medium side banner - 120 x 140
50 €
Side Skyscrapers - 120 x 600
80 €

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us at sales@eventonic.be or contact us ANY TIME at +32 477 37 56 23.


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Thank you for visiting and doing business with Eventonic!